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DCC's Paper Mache Girls Party Decorations
by Peggy Caldwell

Paper Mache is the perfect surface to cover with scrapbooking paper.  It has a slight texture that makes adding scrapbooking papers to the surface easy and fun.  The finished project looks like you spent days to complete and it only took a few hours.

The idea for the Girls Birthday Party could be used for all types of party showers and special occasions.

Post People 12.25 x 2.5"
28-0403, Post People 15.25 x 2.25"
Paper Mache Turning 3.625 x 6.75"
28-4063, Paper Mache Mini Oval Box with Wire Handle 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.5"
28-9272, Paper Mache Frame Rectangelwith Rusty Tin Corners 3.5 x 5"

The Paper Studio- Believe Page Kit was used for this project. The kit contains stripe, floral, pailsey, and two color solid paper along with 3D embellishments, stickers and an alphabet sticker sheet.

1 Piece of Card Stock:for the birthday flag

Narrow Ribbons:to match colors of paper

Royal Coat Acrylic Satin Decoupage Medium: acts as glue and varnish

Thin Wood Skewers

Acrylic Paints
: Brown and Turquoise

Brushes: 1" sponge brush applicator, size 6 flat soft bristle
Miscellaneous Suppies:
Scissors, Fint Tip Blue Permanent Ink Pen, Glue Gun, Awl, Sandpaper, and General Scrapbooking & Painting Supplies.                            


Basic Paper Mache Post Shaeps
Paint the narrow bands between the sections of all piece, the bottom and top of 28-0308 with turquoise acrylic paint.

Working one section at a time, measure, cut or tear strips of paper to vertically fit each section.

Use decoupage medium to adhere strips working with a small section at a time following photograph for placement.  Apply decoupage medium to the surface and to the strips of paper, again working with a few pieces of paper at a time.  The decoupage medium will make the paper more flexible and easier to manipulate.  Smooth the papers on with your fingers.  Try to smooth out as many big wrinkles as possible.  Small wrinkles will be enhanced with you antique the finished piece.

Add a coat of decoupage medium over the entire piece.  Let dry completely.  This decoupage medium dries quickly and to a hard non-sticky finish.  Dampen a soft paper towel or rag with water and set aside.  Mix a thin mixture of brown acrylic paint and water.  Brush the mixture over the finished paper mache piece.  Use the damp cloth to immediately wipe away the brown antiquing until you achieve the color you like.   Let dry completely and varnish the entire piece again if desired.

Three Dimensional Flowers, banner, and signs:

Paint the wood skewers turquoise.  Cut leaf shape from green paper (I used the green stripe from the striped paper). Fold the paper in half and cut a leaf that looks like a pointed oval approximately 1”LX1/2”W.  See photo.  Use the blue permanent marker to add dash lines to outline the edge.

 Glue the dimensional flowers to the turquoise painted skewers and the leaves just below the flowers.

Cut a triangle banner 8”L X 4”W.  Write your greeting in sticker letters.

Lightly score ½” in from the 4” W end of your banner.  Fold and glue to one of your painted skewers.

Use the awl to punch a hole in the top of your finished post.  The small post is your floral cake decoration and should have at least three of the flowers.  (You may stick the other flower stakes directly in your cake).  One post holds the BELIEVE 3-D sign and the other holds your greeting banner.

Tie two or more ribbons at the neck of your post.

Favor Boxes:
Use any color combinations to cover the boxes in paper.   Cut the paper to fit box and follow instructions above for adhering and finishing.

Apply word stickers to the top.  Tie ribbons to the handle.

Sand the rusty metal frame edges slightly with fine sand paper.  Wipe the metal with a damp cloth to remove the sandings.  Add a coat of decoupage medium to seal the edges.  Add the paper of your choice to the frame and antique following the instructions above.  Add word stickers and ribbon as shown.