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Allie's Button Cross Memory Box
by Peggy Caldwell

Making memories with buttons from the family button box give the recipient a glimpse into family history.  The buttons for Allie’s button cross was made from the buttons handed down from 6 generations. 
DCC’s Clear Dome Box is the perfect keepsake box to hold a precious family button cross.  It is easy to cover in paint, paper or fabric.  Make some memories today!

28-0293 Oval Clear Dome Paper Mache Box 
Acrylic Paint Palette:  creamy yellow, pale pink, pale green
Sponge Brush applicator
Tooth pick
Strong Glue (E-6000)
Craft glue
Waxed paper covered 4”x6” piece of stiff cardboard. 
Wrap the cardboard in waxed paper and secure to the back with tape.
Cream color paper (computer generated see instructions below)  Try to match paper as closely to the creamy yellow paint color as possible.

NAME PAPER INSTRUCTIONS:  I used several different fonts in a green color, to fill a page of cream colored paper with the recipient’s name. Try to match the green color as close to the pale green acrylic paint color as possible. Also see bottom of this page.
Allie Elizabeth Caldwell

INSIDE BOX LID LETTER TO ALLIE:  The designer wrote a little letter telling Allie the story of the buttons and how they were handed down from generation to generation listing each lady who contributed to the box and adhered it to the inside of the box lid. 

BOX PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS:  Remove the clear dome and oval insert and set aside. Paint the box bottom inside and out creamy yellow.  Paint the lid inside and out pale green.  Paint the rim of the box lid, stripe inside the dome area and add the three dot detail in pale pink to the box lid.  The dot detail is done using a tooth pick tip dipped into the pink paint.

ADHERING PAPER:  Cover the oval insert with a thin layer of craft glue.  Lay the paper over the glue and press in place.  Use a rolling pin or round plain bottle to roll over the paper to make sure it adheres flat.  Repeat to the back side of the oval with your letter.

The majority of the designers buttons used for this project were pearl but all colors can be used.  Experiment by laying out the buttons until you get the color combination and a design that you are pleased with.

  1. Measure and mark the center of you name paper covered oval using a pencil to make a dot.  If you feel more comfortable drawing a line design for the cross pattern measure out from the center dot 1 ¼” horizontally on both sides of the dot.  Measure and mark a line 1 ½” from the center up vertically & 2” down vertically. 
  2. Save your prettiest & most interesting buttons for the top layer.
  3.  Build you button cross starting with the center button.  Use a flat button, not one of your prettiest for the center.  Add buttons on either side of the center, vertically and horizontally.  Every once in a while lay you plastic dome over the cross to make sure you are not making the cross too big to fit under the dome.
  4. Add a second layer of buttons up close to the center button filling in between each of the first layer of buttons.  Refer to the finished cross.
  5. At this point you get the idea of how the cross will look and you can begin to glue your buttons down.  Use the E-6000 glue.  Do not squeeze the tube.  The glue flows freely from the tube.  The designer uses this method instead of hot glue because hot glue is not as archival friendly & regular craft glue doesn’t hold the buttons as securely.
  6. Final layer is your prettiest buttons.   Feel free to add as many button layers as you wish but keep placing the dome over the cross to make sure it is going to fit inside the lid.