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Paper Mache

DCC is the world's premier supplier of Paper Mache products with over 850 items and a $1.5 Million Inventory to choose from.

Since 1985 DCC has been the leading designer and importer of Papier Mache products made in the Philippines.  Papier Mache is a cottage industry in the Philippines and is largely produced in a 40 square mile area by 1000’s of independent artisans.  The Papier Mache shapes are molded over hand carved wood molds and left outside to sun dry.  It’s not unusual to drive through that area and find home after home with Papier Mache products drying in the front yards.  The Papier Mache made in the Philippines has a unique quality not prevalent from other countries Papier Mache.  The Philippines Papier Mache holds paint well and allows you the artist to get the best results. 

(Please note all sizes are approximate as Paper Mache products are made by hand causing variances in each item.) 
Hand made in the Philippines 

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